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The High Value Woman

I am an international certified coach and mentor who

empowers women to start taking accountability for themselves and honour their needs.


Would you believe me if I said that right now, literally as I type this, I never in a million years thought that where I am today would be possible.


That place I speak of is fuck boy free, having self-worth, feeling stronger, creating my own happiness, feeling SOOO clear on where i'm heading in life and helping women like you do the same.

My professional coaching credentials can be found here.

Lets work together!

It is my goal to support you to become a source to yourself. Have the ability to be your own happiness, recognise your needs, honour your boundaries and speak up for what you want. 


FREE Clarity Call


1-to-1 Coaching


Power Hour

Whether you’ve spent years seeking fulfillment from a man and now want to build your own identity.

Have prioritised love with no success and want to find happiness from yourself.

Feel stuck with no purpose and ready to get clear on where your heading in life.

Stayed in relationships full of drama because you’ve been afraid to hold still with yourself.

Lack confidence in your abilities.

Then I've got you girl! 

How does kicking those destructive patterns relating to men to the curb and re-directing your energy towards your own recovery and life sound like?

An answer to your prayers?

Then girl, its time you trust that voice in your head that says, “It’s time to do you”.

All I ask is that you are committed, motivated and ready for change. 



"I feel very fortunate to have been coached by Jemma.  Her coaching helped me look deeper within and explore my “who,” “what” and passion that I finally arrived to my a ha moment.  I'm now confident and motivated to make forward steps in establishing my business.  Thank you, you put me on the right track and for that I am forever grateful."

Alkathy AP