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FREE Live Masterclass

How I started my online business, quit my job and secured premium clients ALL IN 6 months!

Join me LIVE on Thursday 26th November @ 8:00pm (BTS)

I achieved this in 2020!

Yes, I achieved all of this in 2020, during a pandemic and everything else. 

With another lockdown on the horizon are you going to continue struggling or are you finally going to press play on building your online business?

In this FREE live Masterclass I am going to tell you  EXACTLY what I did to:


  • Press play on my online business

  • Quit my job

  • Turn Instagram followers into paying premium clients

This Live Masterclass is for you 

  • You know you want to start and build your own thing, but you just don’t know where to start and how to make it happen

  • You have a fear of pressing play and making a change

  • You fear failure and having egg on your face

  • You fear the unknown and leaving behind a stable pay check of your 9 to 5


You also fear never pressing play. Looking back on your life with regret (unnecessary regret that is).




  • You stayed in a career and life that is not for you.

  • Knowing you have only yourself to blame, because you were too afraid to change it and press play.  

Sound familiar?.......

In this FREE live masterclass, I want to share with you the key things I did that put me in a position of being in my business full-time, building financial security for myself and my daughter, and building a comfortable life.

Because, I know that it can feel like your going to be in this “stuck” state with no way out, but trust me, you are meant to be the successful, wealthy and courageous entrepreneur you dream of being.

And I have done it.

Which means you don’t have to figure it out and struggle on your way there.

This was my reality.

My professional coaching credentials can be found here.

The reality is; 64% of the UK workforce wants to set up a business and 43% of aspiring entrepreneurs don’t believe they will set up their businesses.


Are you going to remain in these percentages come 2021?


Imagine knowing WHAT you need to do to press play and scale your online business, cutting out the confusing, frustration and fear…..


  • Mindset

    You know what mindset you will need to back yourself to press play on your business and help you show up in your industry with confidence.

  • Logistics

    You know what strategies on Instagram alone, will help you effectively market your business and attract your dream clients / customers. 

  • Generate Leads £££

    You know what impact creating and finding your niche will have, to make your business profitable and secure premium clients and sales.

  • Press Play

    **Inside the Masterclass**

Ready to press play and build your online business and join those women who have taken a leap of faith and are now receiving financial reward and charging their worth for doing what they love?!



Who exactly is this masterclass for?

This masterclass is for the driven and courageous woman who is ready to press play on her online business without feeling confused and scared.

It’s for my sassy entrepreneurs who want to leverage Instagram to secure sales and paying clients. If you have something to sell, then you should be leveraging the gram!

It is for you, if you dream of leaving your 9 to 5 and getting paid to do something you freakin love.


If 2020 wasn’t your year, now is the time to press play on your dreams and take the steps now to make 2021 your year.

Spaces are limited, book now to secure your FREE seat.


26th November 2020

20:00PM BTS