Creative consultancy

Create | money |chill

Transforming the ordinary into something exceptional.

Create work that:


You feel motivated and excited by.
Gives little resistance and minus the drama.
Gives you the confidence to show up.
Is tailored to who you are, how you work best and your brand.

Uplevels your business.

So you can make a healthy profit doing what you love and support your dream lifestyle.
Let me help you solve your problems and generate ideas that will transform your business and life.

My guess is…


When you started your business, you made a decision - A decision to want more for yourself and to create impact in this world.

You decided to become the boss of your life and to make time for enjoyable experiences and do more of what is important to you!

But right now, that’s not your reality.


Instead you are:

  • Worrying and second guessing every little thing.

  • Doubting yourself on whether you’re doing it right.

  • Feeling the pressure to be doing more.

  • Pushing harder and striving to hit benchmarks of success.

Sound familiar?

Your right in thinking that it is supposed to feel better than this; work doesn’t have to be hard!


Because you have everything you need inside you to grow your business and live your dream life; it just needs to be let out!

Does any of the following statements resonate?

Business is fine, but you wonder: now what.

That your life could be even more free.

Your business could feel even more fulfilling.


Do you worry about:

Falling behind and becoming irrelevant?

Losing what you’ve so far built?

Not knowing how you can implement change, what you can do next?

Not seeing a clear path ahead?

My consultancy will help you connect to new levels of possibilities and do more work that lights you up in your business.

You can uplevel and create a business model that is perfectly tailored to you.



  • Spending more time creating and doing work you love and less time fretting over what to do.

  • Reconnecting to what feels right to you, after losing sight of it

  • Create and do work that has even more impact

  • Getting around to ideas you’ve been putting off

  • Stopping your business feeling like a 9-5 (the 9-5 hustle you wanted to get away from) and having more time for you and what you enjoy doing

  • Having a business that not only lights up your passion and excitement, but is sustainable

And it is my mission to help you achieve this.

My vision for you is a business you feel motivated and excited by, to help you make your business sustainable, enjoyable, and allow you to believe in new levels of possibility.

"It is about creating and building the life you dreamed of"

I'm ready to generate ideas that is going to deliver original and exciting experiences for not only me, but my consumers.


How you can work with me

What you get

Work you love

Turn your ideas into reality, and do the work that you want to create


Fresh ideas to help you achieve your business goals and create opportunities  


Processes in your business that will simplify and give you more time to do what you love


Brand message that is communicated  cohesively in your work and marketing


Solutions to your problems that will move you through your setbacks and confusions

Product / service

An exciting suite with original and experiential products or services


Help with visual design, idea concepts and processes. 


Create ways to get your product, service or idea out there with confidence. 

Package Deets below

One off consultancy


Perfect to go deep into your business and move you through your setbacks and confusion.  If you need the support and collaboration to overcome a specific problem in your biz, then this is exactly for you!

3 call consultancy


This is a project based package and is super perfect for when you are  starting or implementing something new in your business. Perfect for focusing on one area of your business and having the support, guidance and accountability to move you through from concept to reality. 

3 x 1 hour calls to be used within a 6 week period

6 call consultancy


Perfect for when you have lost sight of the bigger picture.  When you’re immersed in your own brand every day, all day long, this is something that can easily happen. I am here to give you a much-needed outsiders perspective to guide or improve your business model, as well as fresh ideas to help you achieve your goals and feel excited again. 

6 x 1 hour calls to be used within a 12 week period

If you have any questions about my packages and services, please feel free to contact me. 

Jemma x