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The High Value Woman Biz Accelerator  Packages

For women who are ready to press play today.

I help high value 9-5 women press play and start their online business.

90-minute kick starter strategy session


2 x 45 min sessions, 2 x payment instalments

Spend these sessions how you choose.

Nothing is off limits.

Maybe you want to gain clarity, a sense of direction or shift that one limiting belief that is holding you back.

Some of the ways people spend these sessions:


  • Brainstorming for a new project

  • A sounding board for exploring ideas

  • Have a fresh pair of eyes to look at your marketing / operations / services / products

  • Managing overwhelm

  • Getting “unstuck”

  • Strategizing 

  • Addressing a limiting belief that has been niggling at you.

6 week biz accelerator 




Pay in two instalments  

Week 1 / 2.

  • Mindset makeover; address the fears that have been holding you back. 

  • Gain clarity on your business idea, offerings and biz operations. 


Week 3 / 4.

  • Align your business so it works for you.

  • Establish your why and how your business is going to enable you to live the life you desire.  


Week 5 / 6.

  • Lets look at the tech and marketing side of your business. You will receive support in marketing, branding, website building and Instagram.

  • Confidence building, so you can press play on starting your business. 


You will have an actionable plan that is going to move you forward to making some serious changes and create the freedom around your career and life that you desire.