Little validation | Little time | Little Momentum


Solopreneurship can leave you feeling like you are about ready to quit.

Let’s brainstorm and co-create new ways that you can move through your setbacks, confusion and opportunities and take your business to the next level, chill style!

Do you often feel alone and like everyone else has it sussed?

Do you desire to have a conversation with some who just ‘gets it’?

A conversation where you don’t need to perform, don’t need to explain yourself or justify your decisions?

Do you crave to have those powerful conversations where you can discuss business, ideas and strategies?

Especially at times when your overthinking and want to feel confident again in what you do?

Then this is exactly for you.

This package is for you to make it whatever you need it to be.

Use this space to step out of your isolation and have a two-way conversation about your business. Get an outsider’s objective perspective and a fresh pair of eyes on your setbacks, confusion and opportunities, so you can feel clear and confident to get back out there, doing what you do best!

Do you:

  • Need support and collaboration to overcome a specific problem in your biz

  • Have an idea that you want to make happen and need some guidance on what to do next

  • Need the creative input of someone else to make something big you’ve got coming up as successful as it can be

  • Just need some accountability and support to make something happen

Or maybe its simply to have a two-way conversation all about you and your business, with someone who just gets it.

Then stop feeling overwhelmed, stuck and confused and come and get the support you need to make the necessary shifts.

Book your check-in now.  


Your investment:


(or 2 payments of £127, first payment made upon booking)

1 x 90-minute call (via zoom)

5 days (office hours) of Voxer support

Perfect to go deep into your business and move you through your setbacks, confusion or for when your starting something new.

Please note. One off check-in can only be purchased once. If you would like to continue working with me then you will receive a discount of 10% on the quarterly check-in package or my Create | Money | Chill consultancy packages.

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Your Investment:


(or 4 quarterly payments of £350)

4 x 2 hour calls 

15 days (office hours) of Voxer support after each call


2 hour calls every quarter, which is 4 calls per year.

These quarterly calls can be split to 1 hour sessions per quarter. 

The aim of this package is to maintain regular accountability and support to help you uplevel and grow your business over a period of a year.


Want to know more before committing?