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About Me


Jemma Cargill

Certified Coach and Mentor

Believe me, the road to where I am now was hella bumpy and there were many moments that told me I needed to start choosing more for myself and show up fully in my life. 


But the “I need to REALLY step up and choose more” moment was when I completely exhausted myself out for the third time in my life, to the point of burnout; which massively impacted my mental health.

I have hit rock bottom 3 times in my life, but what was it about the third time that made me say “something has to change here”?


A few reasons why, but the biggies were:

My Daughter


It was heart wrenching to see my daughter look at me with worried eyes, because she knew mummy just wasn’t quite mummy at that time. 


To see the change in her behaviour, because she so desperately wanted my attention and didn’t understand why nanny had to care for her whilst mummy slept the days away. 

My mental health was not just affecting me but was massively affecting my baby girl.

Breaking the Cycle 


The second biggie was breaking the cycle!  Ok, so I’ve been here 3 times now.  Was I going to start to choose more for myself or continue to not fight for the life I wanted?  I chose more and to show the hell up!  I chose to break the cycle and make the necessary changes.


Also, I, like my mum, am a single mama.  So, it was important I also broke that cycle for my daughter.  Because I’ll be damned if she grows up with no self-worth and looks for fulfilment from outside herself. 

So, what led me to stay in a continuous loop of hitting rock bottom?

I can break this down into 3 categories: 

1. Absent dad and domestic abuse (both physically and mentally) in my childhood.

2. Reoccurring pattern of getting into shit relationships with emotionally unavailable men, which further damaged me time after time.

3. Mental health; both myself and close people around me.  Each unstable relationship in my life battered my emotional well-being to the point of hitting rock bottom.

How did I start to show up and make changes?

  • I made time for me and found myself again; I found self-acceptance and worth.


  • I poured all that energy I was giving to finding love into my own recovery and life.


  • I allowed myself to acknowledge and develop my strengths and build confidence in my abilities.


  • I allowed myself to dream big and clarify the vision that has always been inside of me.


  • I Invested and started to believe in me.

  • I committed and worked my ass off to make a complete mindset shift. 

I am now in a position where I need no validation from anyone.  I can create my own happiness with confidence and excitement.

I have built a business that enables me to be the best version of myself, provides me with continual growth, have creative freedom, purpose and fulfilment. 

The best bit, I get to work with women like you! 

Are you ready like me to say “enough is enough, I’m ready to show up and live my best life and put me first?”


Then girl, all that’s left to do is contact me.


I genuinely look forward to hearing from you.

Jem x

(The girl who truly understands what it takes to make this first step)

It is my mission to help you get from a place of being obsessed with him to becoming obsessed with you.