The 'best' business model there is, is the one that works best for you.

Hey, I'm Jemma

I'm ready to help you solve your problems and generate ideas that will transform your business and life.

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It is my mission

To help you design a business and life that allows you to get paid for work that lights you up and live your dream life.  


Because... Remember, when creating a business for others you are also creating it for you, so it should feel damn good!

Soloprenuer to soloprenuer, I understand....

Feeling like you have not done enough.

Over complicating things.

Not making a healthy consistent profit.

When things aren't working out.

Being stuck on how to take things to the next level.

Having a million ideas but not executing. 


And this     ain't it.


It is about building your business with the least resistance, so you can maximise your energy for what is important to you and get paid at the same time for work that seriously lights you up.


Isn't that the dream?


Together with you, I want to collab and co-create ideas that will transform and help you push through setbacks, confusion and opportunities.


So you can:

Find new

ways of doing business: one that works for your bank account and supports your dream lifestyle.

Have pride

and confidence in what you create

Be in a state

of ease and flow, building sustainable success 

I'm Creative Visionary and consultant, supporting female solopreneurs

And you’re a coach, consultant, designer or creative, who wants to manifest your visions, while creating and doing work that lights you up and enables you make enough money to live your dream lifestyle.

Find out more about me below

Hey, I'm Jemma

My professional coaching credentials can be found here.


I am your creative visionary and consultant, that is a laid-back single mum of one, who makes sleep a non-negotiable.


You can see I understand why working your dream around you is important and it is my God given purpose to help people connect to their dreams, manifest their visions, create what they want and live life on their terms. (Remember you don't need to work 9-5 no more. You have the time and creative freedom, let it pay off for you)


My vision for the future is where people enjoy a lifetime of fun, with a little bit of work here n there. Sounds great right?

I am a certified coach.

Proud Pisces.


Bridget Jones type hopeless romantic.

Got to try everything, out of fear of missing out kinda person.

I am a business analyst Transformer, problem solver Innovator, creative Idea generator, facilitator Simplifier, designer Magician, organiser Manifestor and serious hype-girl.

I see the bigger picture and make connections others might not see, to achieve transformation.

This is my superpower.

My create | money | chill
My packages will help you:
  • Align your skills, preferences and talents to your business model so you can create sustainable success without compromising what you love doing and your mental well-being. 

  • Make things simple, minus the drama, so you don’t try to solve everyone’s problem. Be clear on what you do, who you can help and how you make your money.

  • Accept your true desires, so you can create products and services that bring an attitude of abundance and a healthy profit; by charging what your worth and establishing win-win collaborations.

  • Give yourself the permission and space to make way for pleasure in your life and recognise that your business serves you and not the other way around.

  • Connect to yourself and your vision, so you can develop marketing strategies that feel good and a brand that is authentic to you.

Are you ready to design a business that is perfectly tailored to you and do work you enjoy? A business that enables you to earn a healthy profit without shame to support your dream lifestyle?

I work with:
  • You are a female solopreneur in your first 1 to 2 years of business.

  • You are making consistent money from your biz . 

  • You have a heart-centred online business.  

  • You value your personal growth.

  • You describe yourself as driven, independently minded, committed, down to earth and willing.


Chloe Stevens, Womens Health Coach


To empower people to dream big, create what they want and experience life on their terms.


My vision for the future, is a world where people enjoy a lifetime, with a little bit of work here and there.


Empower women to feel that what they want is possible.